Location, Location, Location!

The next time you need a conveniently located and well-equipped green screen studio, think Post Modern, Irvine. Post Modern’s green screen studio is one of the most sought after in Orange County and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The stage offers a production office, control room and a make-up/dressing room. It is currently being used for TV commercial productions, corporate videos, webcasting, video news releases (VNR), casting and national/international “live shot” news feeds. Recent clients include Behr Paint, Innovate Media, The Corporate Film Guys, Ken Roberts Productions, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and many more. Innovate Media’s Director/Cameraman Dave Winters says “…the Post Modern studio is the perfect balance of size, equipment, parking, staff and value. Each time we shoot a new client at Post Modern, it is the same experience. A friendly receptionist greets our clients in the lobby, then a cheerful escort through a busy production facility, arriving at the studio. My clients often think the entire operation is part of our operation, which we love.”

Additionally, Post Modern now offers a brand new and totally customizable standing “news-set” for immediate rental. The contemporary looking set is perfect for TV commercials, corporate videos and webcasting. Director/Producer Guy Cirinelli of The Corporate Film Guys recently used the set for one of his webcast projects and said “… I had originally planned to shoot my webcast on green screen, but when the Post Modern set became available, I decided to shoot everything on their standing “news set” instead. This ultimately saved me vast amounts of post-production time and money. The set is extremely modular and offers a clean, modern look. I look forward to using it again in the future.”

OC’s Busiest Studio Facility.

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